One of Whitby’s most colourful and varied attractions is Pannett Park, which is just a ten-minute walk from the Riviera.* 
It’s got a fabulous play area and some of the most beautiful gardens in the area. The site, which has received Heritage Lottery Funding and Big Lottery Funds Park for People, has been truly transformed in recent years. 
At a glance, the site includes a lovely Lily Pond, the famous play area, a Commemorative Garden, the Jurassic Garden, Community Garden and the South Seas Garden. 
Captain James Cook’s connection to Whitby, Staithes and the Yorkshire Coast is well known, and from 6th to 8th July inclusive, the Cook 250 Whitby and Staithes Festival will celebrate the 250th anniversary of his first voyage to the distant South Seas. 
His first voyage was aboard HMS Endeavour, a replica of which is currently moored in Whitby Harbour. Cook’s maiden maritime quest lasted from 1768 to 1771 and part of the voyage was to observe a rare astronomical occurrence: the transit of Venus across the face of the sun in 1769. 
The voyage visited distant lands including Borabora and New Zealand, and later reached the east coast of Australia. 
Yorkshire is a vast county including lush pastures, seaside landscapes and cool, dark forests. And this varied terrain gives us same fabulous local food and tasty recipes. 
Starting with the sea, North Yorkshire fishermen have ventured out on the ocean wave for hundreds of years, from small fishing villages such as Staithes down to bustling harbours such as Whitby or Scarborough. 
Delicacies like crab and lobster, white fish including haddock and cod, and cockles and mussels have been harvested from the North Sea and offer healthy, delicious repasts. 
There is a local concoction, often called the North Sea Fisherman’s Pie, which uses locally caught haddock or cod along with prawns, herbs and spices together with fluffy mashed potato and freshly grated cheese. This is a hearty dish and full of flavours of the sea. Other villages along the Yorkshire Coast use different fish including ling and woof. And you can add bacon for that extra salty, savoury twist. 
If you love food – buying it, cooking and then eating it! – then May could be a busy month for you! 
Traditionally the busiest time of year for food festivals in Yorkshire, 2018 is no exception. 
Yorkshire is one of the UK’s largest counties and includes some fabulous local produce, and a food festival is one of the best places to indulge in your foodie fantasies! 
Here are three gastronomic events that take place within driving distance of Whitby, all offering a great day out into the bargain. 
Once again, our seaside town will be transformed ready for Whitby Goth Weekend (WGW for short) 27th to 29th April 2018. 
We’ve blogged about this before, yet it’s such a fabulous event, we couldn’t resist putting our fingers to the keyboard once again. 
We know how Whitby has inspired perhaps the best-known gothically-inpsired author of them all, Bram Stoker, creator of Dracula. We see the dramatic, dark ruins of Whitby Abbey everyday, an imposing sight against the great Yorkshire sky and one which undoubtedly inpsired him to write his most famous work. 
Whitby also is home to many tales of ghosts and ghouls, so all in all, our town is the perfect place to hold WGW, which was first held in 1994. 
Lights, camera, action! 
It’s the star of the show, none other than the beautiful Yorkshire Coast. No touch ups or special effects required for our neck of the woods when the film crews frame up for their next feature. 
The most recent visit from Hollywood captured ‘on celluloid’ is from Phantom Thread, which thrust the Whitby area into the global spotlight with the help of none other than Oscar winning actor Daniel Day-Lewis. The film received an Oscar gong for Best Costume Design, which, if you’ve seen the movie, is thoroughly well deserved. 
Phantom Thread has starring roles for Robin Hood’s Bay (pictured), Staithes, Ravenscar, Lythe and Grosmont Station, all within easy reach from us here at the Riviera. 
We’re chuffed to bits! 
And it’s all thanks to our lovely guests who take the time and trouble to write a review about their stay with us. 
On Trip Advisor, we’re now #15 out of #155 accommodation providers here in Whitby. 
Which means, if our maths is correct, we’re in the top 10%! 
As you know, we welcome people into our lovely home and we work our socks off with regards to our family business. 
So when we get great news like this, we’re totally delighted. 
OK, so although we were desperate for a sunshine holiday, Zed & I had put off going abroad with our 4 year old (Zak) and our 1 year old (Aniya). We thought we would rather be covered with honey and hung beneath a bee hive before enduring being in a 5ft x 2ft enclosure for hours upon end with our little ‘angels’. 
A couple of months ago, we decided to throw caution to the wind and booked to go to the Cape Verde Islands (a 6 hour flight), which we returned from last week. 
Looking for a Getaway at a Great Price? 
We all see the flashy advertising for OTAs - that’s online travel agents to you and me! 
People are very Internet savvy nowadays and are always looking for ‘the cheapest deal’ and tend to think the ‘grass is greener’ on portal websites that list millions of hotels or guesthouses. 
Yet perhaps what folks don’t realise is that you will ALWAYS get a cheaper rate direct with the Riviera.  
This is because it cuts out the ‘middle men’ who take a slice of the proceeds too. 
With two young children and an elegant guesthouse to run in a beautiful Yorkshire Coastal town, we like to think we have one of the best jobs in the world. 
Every morning, when we draw back the curtains, we see the sparkling sea, hear the cry of the seagulls and see the fishing boats leaving or returning to the safety of the harbour. 
Yet running a guesthouse and running it well isn’t without its challenges … From replacing a broken cup, to a mix-up with the laundry, to investigating the reason for water coming through the ceiling, these little bumps along the way can be a daily occurrence. When the alarm wakes us up to when our heads hit the pillow as the evening pulls in, we are on the go...! Well actually, lets be honest we haven't set an alarm clock in nearly 4 years (could it be a coincidence that our eldest is nearly 4!). 
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