What a year! 
Can you believe that 2019 is drawing to a close? 
It doesn’t seem like five minutes since we were celebrating the arrival of another new year here in Whitby. 
With a new decade on the horizon, we thought we’d take you on a quick look back at the Riviera Guesthouse year! 
Back in January, we discovered there are lots of Yorkshire ways to greet the New Year. New Year will never be the same again in our household! 
We then flew through February and before we knew it, the daffodils were dancing in the March wind, ahead of a late Easter. 
As May began, the season really kicked off with the Cleveland Way celebrating its half-century, surely one of the most spectacular footpaths in the country. 
The renowned Open Air Theatre in nearby Scarborough opened for another successful season, which this year included Kylie Minogue, whose trip on the North Bay Railway attraction went viral. 
For July, and the start of the English school holidays, we marked the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing, while August is our busiest month with Whitby Regatta and lots of summer events taking place. 
One of the highlights of the year, though, has been ‘the dolphin story’. 
For those that are unaware, the story broke in late summer when we spotted a pod of dolphins out in the North Sea off Whitby. 
We were able to film them and put this onto our Facebook page and rightly so, it got lots of attention. We even earned a booking from the story, so we owe the dolphins a favour! 
It was a truly amazing thing to see these sleek, friendly and intelligent creatures in their natural habitat. 
As the summer drew to a close, Yorkshire again came under the spotlight as the much-anticipated Downton Abbey movie hit the big screen. 
This iconic TV series acquired an audience of millions as it followed the dramas of an aristocratic family post World War One. 
The main storylines are based in Yorkshire and the Riviera is a perfect hub from which to explore the locations used, which include Pickering Station, Duncombe Park, Helmsley, Ampleforth and Leeds. 
While the film recalls a glitzy past full of crystal glassware, it shows Yorkshire as a place to visit time and again and we enjoyed watching the film for that reason. 
October included the appearance of the Goths and the illumination of Whitby Abbey; and the Christmas festivities are now well underway. 
This really only leaves us to explain to our customers that we’ve had another fantastic year and it is thanks to you that we have a business to run, a business that we love as a family and strive to keep it ticking along so everyone has a wonderful stay in our lovely town. 
Who knows what the new decade will bring? Despite the political shenanigans of the past three years, we remain calm, cool and collected here in Whitby. 
We’ll be updating our blog at regular times throughout 2020 with events, interesting stories and of course the things that make Whitby the wonderful place it is. 
There's some key anniversaries throughout 2020 that we'll be commemorating. 
In the meantime, keep an eye on our What’s On Page and our social media feeds for all the latest news. 
Thank you, everyone! 
Finally, we would like to wish all our guests and readers of our blog the very best for the festive period and also a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year. 
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