So, here we have it! 
Four weeks … 28 days … an orbit of the Moon around the Earth ... 
Or so we hope, anyway. 
Most people have rolled their eyes, taken a deep breath and said: “Here we go again!” 
And while many hospitality businesses will close for this second lockdown, we can’t help feeling this is going to be very different to #Lockdown1 earlier in the spring of this year. 
Of course, the clocks have gone back an hour so that means darker evenings and mornings. 
We are entering the cold weather season. 
Bonfire Night meant fireworks and sparklers at home (if any). And what will happen to Santa? Will he be able to deliver all those gifts this year? 
Is there anything positive we can glean from it, we ask ourselves? 
Well, of course, we hope the lockdown brings down the number of infections. 
We learned so much from the first lockdown too, so we have some survival tactics we can call upon this time around! 
You may recall we took to store cupboard cooking during Lockdown 1, creating all sorts of tasty treats as we gradually made our way through our store of dry goods! 
We sampled all sorts of tasty recipes from tasty spud dishes to ginger parkin. 
Many of us relaxed with some serious boxset binges and we wrote a blog about how we rediscovered lots of Yorkshire-based films, books and TV series. 
None of us will forget the shock of the sudden announcement of the first lockdown!  
Life changed overnight, many aspects we took for granted ground to a complete halt and we relied on our fantastic key workers to keep the essential services ticking over. 
We closed our doors, really not knowing when or even if we could open them again. 
This time around, though, we feel the thinking behind the second lockdown shows learnings and lessons from the first one in a number of ways. 
First of all, more shops can remain open this time, including hardware stores, food shops and banks, along with a whole long list of other emporiums. Of course, we’ll need to keep our distance, wear facemasks and wash our hands … but we all know this, don’t we! 
While mixing with those other than in your bubble is not allowed, you can exercise outside as many times as day as you wish … for us, going outdoors just once a day was hard as the weather was so amazing back in the spring. 
The supermarkets can also remain open and while there has been some panic buying, there shouldn’t be the need for hoarding as there was last time. 
And even though the dark nights are with us, this has its own appeal. We can curl up in the evenings with our favourite books and films, chuck on our onesies and perhaps even set about creating our own Christmas Card this year! 
We can also stargaze at night … the autumn and winter skies are incredible with some amazing constellations to see, such as Orion and the Big Dipper. The moon has looked mighty fine of late and we are lucky here in Whitby as the full moon can rise out of the sea … it looks astounding when this happens. We’ve also spotted some of the planets including Venus and Mars. 
So, you may well ask, what happens on 2nd December? Will we reopen? 
Our plans are to re-open as soon as we are able to do so. 
However, we never rest on our laurels and we will be working hard behind the scenes in order to prepare for reopening. 
Of course, if and when we reopen, these measures will still be in place and we will seek to revise them if needed. 
There is a strange circularity to Lockdown 2, though. In Lockdown 1, we were heading towards the summer solstice. This time, we are not too far from the winter solstice after-which the daylight hours will slowly brighten and lengthen each day. 
As we write this, a high-pressure weather system has settled over the UK. This means sunshine, cold nights and clear skies. The exact same thing happened in Lockdown 1 when we had that stunning, warm sunshine, day after day. 
As a family, we feel this time is also one that we’re more prepared for.  
There were times we found it tough last time … who didn’t? Yet with the festive season on the horizon, we are focussing upon the important things. Our health and mental well-being. Keeping our children happy and forward-looking. Ensuring our business can start where it left off. And of course, our main aim is to keep safe and well by sticking to the rules. 
Lockdowns are never easy, whatever your situation and however you tackle it. A lockdown is something that is imposed for the greater good.  
We’re ready this time, and we hope you are too.  
Until next time .. 
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