We appreciate how lucky we are here at the Riviera Guesthouse … great guests, a terrific coastal town and superb support from everyone. How could this possibly be bettered? 
Well, it has been, believe it or not. 
How, we hear you ask? 
By seeing some of the most beautiful creatures on earth … dolphins, just off the coast here in Whitby! 
Yes, really! 
Swimming with dolphins will be on many people’s wish lists … and while the North Sea is can be a bit on the chilly side to do this, we’ve had awe-inspiring sightings of these sleek creatures in the beautiful blue waters off Whitby. 
It gives us goosebumps just thinking about it! 
Back in mid-August, the dolphins were simply spectacular and you can see the footage on our Facebook page. 
In fact, we’ve even had a booking here at our guesthouse on the back of the sightings, so dolphins, we owe you one! 
The thrill of seeing these intelligent mammals is very hard to describe. It’s almost like they’re inviting you to join in the fun yet you know they will always be part of another world of which we just get a tiny glimpse. 
It is a true honour to see these graceful creatures in their natural habitat. 
The Yorkshire Coast is becoming known for numerous whale and dolphin sightings and there are up to four species that can swim in the North Sea. 
These include the Harbour Porpoise, the White-Beaked Dolphin and the Bottlenose Dolphin. 
There have also been sightings of the Minke Whale which has a long streamlined body and can reach up to 28ft in length. 
There was also a Dolphin and Whale Watch Week earlier in the summer. 
From 27th July to 4th August 2019, the public took part in the national survey and according to the website www.seawatchfoundation.org.uk there were 1,594 sightings, which is fantastic. 
While we didn’t take part in this, we just can’t believe how blessed were are to know these fabulous finned creatures are swimming and maybe leaping just a short distance from our golden sands and our bedroom windows. 
And what’s more the pod of dolphins seemed to migrate between Redcar and Bridlington … but somehow seem to prefer Whitby … can’t think why! 
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