How to celebrate Easter without cracking under the strain! 
An early Easter, impending school holidays, activities, unpredictable weather … it all adds up as you think of how much you have to ‘shell’ out! 
So here at the Riviera, we’ve got our heads together and come up with three cost-effective ‘egg-citing’ activities to keep your little chicks entertained this Easter season. 
Easter Egg Decoration: many of us who are a little, shall we say, older, will remember this involved dashing some out-of-date cochineal food colouring into a pan of boiling water, dropping in the egg and watching the shell take on a mysterious pink colour! Today, craft retailers have jumped on the bandwagon, offering a wide array of egg decoration accessories. But you can do it yourself – use rubber bands and stickers on your lucky egg to come up stripy, dotty creations. 
Easter Egg Rolling: usually, a hardboiled egg is rolled down a slope and the one that rolls the furthest is ‘the winner’. 
But if the weather’s too cold and there’s ne’er a slope in sight, don’t panic! Mark out a egg rolling course indoors with straws, string or other household items – and as tradition states, you have to roll the egg around the course with your nose, so this could be really fun! A top tip is to mark the eggs with your initials so there’s no confusion as to who wins. Either ‘first past the post’ or the one who completes the course in the quickest time is the winner! 
Easter Egg Hunt: with or without a garden, this is a great game of eggy ‘hide and seek!’ Hide foil-covered chocolate eggs around the house and in the garden if you have one. Avoid hot hiding places otherwise you’ll have a pool of chocolate instead! The one with the highest number of gathered eggs is the winner. If you have little ones, maybe let them have a good look around before older children taken part, so younger members of the family get a fair chance. 
As you will have seen, all three of the above activities involve the humble egg. So have you ever wondered how this perfectly formed, natural fast food has become so associated with Easter celebrations? 
Eggs are seen as a symbol of fertility and rebirth in many cultures, and the custom of eggs at Easter as can be traced back to Mesopotamia many centuries ago. This tradition gradually spread westwards into Europe and into the various religious cultures. 
For some, Easter is a time of spiritual contemplation. However, Easter-themed traditions and activities can also be a means of celebrating the arrival of the Spring season after a long, cold winter. 
And there are ways to enjoy Easter without forking out a fortune and these traditions can really help encourage family time! 
Of course, there's lots to do in the Whitby area too, and if you do want to see what egg-citing events are taking place this Easter near us, click onto our What's On page.  
So, from everyone at the Riviera Guest House, have a wonderful Easter. Now, where did we leave those chocolate eggs ... 
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