As the nights draw in over Whitby, the town is preparing for some spectacular autumn events. 
If you love a bit of nostalgia, then we’ve got just the thing! 
The Whitby Spirit of the 40s Swing Era event takes place on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th October at the Met Lounge and Ballroom on the West Cliff (a few minutes’ walk from the Riviera). The line-up includes guitarist Anthony Purdy, host and DJ Dapper Dan, Kal’s Kats and the Bonito Sisters. Tickets range from £7 to £15 and you can obtain them from Linda on 01947 605407 or from the Met Lounge itself (01947 820652). 
If you get goose-bumps to arrangements similar to that of Glen Miller or like the close harmonies of the Andrews Sisters, it is also worthwhile knowing how Whitby and the Yorkshire Coast were very much involved in World War Two … 
In the early stages of the conflict in February 1940, one cold, snowy morning, the ominous sound of a Heinkel bomber could be heard from Bannail Flat Farm, located next to the present-day Guisborough Road, just north of Whitby. 
The bomber was heading to our coast to attack shipping and was first picked up by Danby Beacon Chain Home base on the remote North Yorkshire Moors. 
The Heinkel was intercepted by three British Hurricanes, which eventually brought down the German bomber in a field next to the farm itself. 
It is thought to be the first enemy aircraft to crash on English soil and is a sobering reminder that World War Two, a conflict like no other, was actually very close to home. 
And as the music of the 40s and the swing era remains popular today and rightly so, we also think about those brave folks who fought for our country during World War Two. 
DID YOU KNOW – The world famous Pickering War Weekend takes place on the same weekend (13th, 14th and 15th October)! This pretty market town is packed out during the event, and the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, which now has a station here in Whitby, gets into the swing of things too! 
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