The RNLI Whitby fundraising weekend is at close quarters to all of us here at Riviera Guest House! 
It’s a case of batten down the hatches at this popular event that raises funds for RNLI Whitby on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th August 2017. No doubt Whitby will be chock-a-block during the two-day event. 
Ahoy me hearties - 'sea' if you can spot 12 nautical phrases in the rest of this maritime-themed blog ... answers at the bottom, shipmates ... no cheating! 
There’s been a lifeboat station at Whitby since 1802, although we fathomed out that in 2007, the voluntary crew had to get to know the ropes of their brand new building located at The Fish Pier in the town. 
The new station houses the D-Class Inshore Lifeboat, while the Trent Class All-Weather Lifeboat, lies afloat outside. 
If a rescue is underway, the Trent Class is designed for easy survivor recovery further out to sea, while the D-Class is ideal for rescues closer to the shore. Both vessels can reach a speed of 25 knots. 
While there have been many heroic feats over the years, perhaps the most well-known is the tragic event of 1861, in which Henry Freeman (pictured above) was the sole survivor of a crew of 12 when their Whitby lifeboat capsized on his first day of service. 
The bravery of the crews both past and present is always at the forefront of our minds as we live so close to the sea. Sailing is never plain sailing, as even those who know the cut of their jib, as the sea can change in an instant. 
And remembering they are volunteers is a very humbling thought. 
Whitby will be full to the gunwales as the fundraising event gets underway. So it’s time to push the boat out, shake a leg and give generously, hand over fist! 
There are 12 nautical phrases in this blog – can you fish them out? 
Don't cheat - because, here are the answers ... 
at close quarters; batten down the hatches; chock-a-block; fathomed out; know the ropes; plain sailing; cut of their jib; full to the gunwhales; gets underway; push the boat out; shake a leg; hand over fist. 
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