Valentine’s Day … this loved-up date is fast approaching (FYI - Wednesday 14th February!) Today, even the family pet can receive a Valentine’s card, with or without a bow-drawing cherub on the front! Yet how did this heart-shaped tradition even begin? 
Research suggests there were numerous Christian martyrs named Valentine; one story describes how Saint Valentine was a priest of Rome who was imprisoned for sheltering Christians, who were being persecuted at the time. 
And it is thought the first written association of ‘love’ with Valentine’s Day was penned by none other than Geoffrey Chaucer in 1382 when the eponymous writer noted ‘how every bird chooses his mate’ around the middle of February. 
In the mid-18th century, it was popular to pass love notes made of lace and paper, while in 1847 (the year Charlotte Bronte’s romantic novel, Jane Eyre, was published), Esther Howland of Worcester, Massachusetts started producing Valentine cards … the rest, as they say, is history. 
Here at the Riviera, we are delighted to welcome the chance of a bit of romance – after all there aren’t many locations as romantic as Whitby! Historic cobbled streets, gorgeous little cafes tucked away from it all, the ruins of a gothic abbey – dare we say it’s the best place to ‘pop the question’ … 
Yet whether you’re happily single, in a committed relationship or looking for love, Valentine’s Day isn’t just about giving a red, red rose; it is a chance to celebrate that little thing called love. 
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