March is one of our favourite months here at the Riviera Guesthouse! 
We feel spring is nearly here: the equinox takes place on 21st March, when daylight hours and darkness are of equal length.  
Afterwards, the days get lighter for longer as we head towards the Solstice in June. 
Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake Day, falls on 5th March due to the late Easter dates. ‘Flipping’ heck! 
Pancake Day is something that is celebrated with relish along the Yorkshire Coast. 
In Scarborough, some seaside skipping, usually along Foreshore Road next to the town’s South Bay marks the day. 
This tradition, which probably has links to the fishing industry, seems to have been first mentioned in 1903, though most likely, the tradition goes back a lot further. 
Shrove Tuesday was a day for fun and games and old fishing ropes that were beyond repairing were given to the town’s children for skipping with, which usually gets underway at 1pm, depending on the tide. 
There is also the ringing of the Pancake Bell in the town centre. In years gone by, the Pancake Bell, which was situated on the corner of North Street and Westborough, was rung at 12noon and it was supposedly the signal for local housewives to start making pancakes. 
In some cultures, Shrove Tuesday is the day before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, a time of fasting before Easter. 
So why do we eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday? 
For those who observed Lent in the past, it was a way of using up certain foods before the fasting began: eggs, butter, flour and certain fats, for example. 
And of course Mother’s Day on the very last day of March (Sunday 31st) so this is your head’s up for buying that card or gift. 
This is also the day British Summer Time begins (ie the clocks go forward by one hour). 
Yet we’re all thinking the same thing really … the B word … Brexit. 
Steering away from any political statements, we’re just like everyone else and wondering what will happen after 29th March 2019. However, one thing is for sure … it won’t affect the popularity of the staycation! 
While sunshine can’t always be guaranteed, there are huge benefits to staying within the UK – and, even better, staying with us! – as opposed to hopping on a plane and flying abroad. 
While many of us will happily head overseas for our well-earned holiday, there is such a choice of holidays here in the UK. Immediate benefits are no passport required, no inoculations needed and no danger of cancelled flights. 
You don’t even need the Bureau de Change! 
So March is a hectic month. We’re ready for it! 
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