We find ourselves still in lockdown at the time of writing … and like us, you might be taking great comfort from eating some delicious food, glorious food! 
The food we eat at the moment might have altered a great deal … fewer take-outs, fewer treats and maybe some stunning store cupboard concoctions. 
Hands up who’s reached to the very back of their kitchen cupboards and discovered dry goods that are just in date, a forgotten bottle of vinegar or two and one or two ‘isolated’ stock cubes … us too! 
As our shopping habits have changed so have the meals we’ve prepared ... 
Yet we still want to stay loyal to some tasty Yorkshire recipes and if possible, using some of the best ingredients from this county’s superb larder during these difficult times. 
Of course, one of the most famous dishes connected with Yorkshire is the Yorkshire Pudding! A truly scrumptious, versatile dish, you can have these tasty creations with your roast dinner or perhaps as part of the ultimate comfort food, toad-in-the-hole, using the best Yorkshire sausages, of course! 
While there has been a run on the purchasing of all types of flour, a bag of flour is usually a store cupboard staple. If you’ve managed to buy some eggs from the supermarket or had a delivery to your door, then you’ve ticked off another ingredient. All you need now is milk or water and you can beat these together to make a simple batter mix. 
So, this tasty comfort dish could be one of your store-cupboard high points as you try to vary your culinary creations. 
Our county is famous for its rhubarb or should we say forced rhubarb! 
This is actually a vegetable and not a fruit, as many people assume. It has a sharp flavour and a pink colour that goes well with oily fish and certain meats, as well as part of traditional warming puddings such as a yummy crumble. Naturally grown rhubarb is in season in April to May, yet Yorkshire is famous for its forced rhubarb crops. The Rhubarb Triangle is a 9-mile triangle in West Yorkshire between Wakefield, Morley and Rothwell. The process includes growing this versatile vegetable in darkened sheds and a harvest that is carried out by candlelight. Forced rhubarb can have a sweeter flavour and has a vivid red colour. 
If you visit the supermarket for your essential grocery shop, then add rhubarb to your list! 
Here at the Riviera, we’ve also discovered how many dishes you can create from the humble spud! From fluffy mash to tasty new potatoes, from filling jackets to indulgent chips, this amazing food stuff is a staple for most of us. 
Of course, we’re probably all craving some fish and chips by now! Lashings of vinegar and that tempting smell! 
If you’re able to buy some fresh fish, then why not create a North Sea Fisherman’s Pie using haddock, cod and maybe prawns and top it with some tasty mashed potato? It’s a tasty meal that can warm the hearts of those that eat it. 
We’ve discovered that new potatoes are wonderful in warm salads with chicken and seasonal green vegetables. Sprinkle in a bit of paprika (check your herb wrack for this colourful spice). 
During lockdown, our nation has become an army of home bakers! While the results can vary somewhat, from success to disaster, there’s nothing more tempting than slice of cake with a cup of tea or coffee. 
A Yorkshire favourite is parkin or gingerbread, which is thought to have Viking origins and you can’t think of Yorkshire baking without considering a Fat Rascal or two! The ingredients include lots of store cupboard staples such as baking powder, caster sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, sultanas and raisins. Just this morning, we baked gingerbread mice with the kids and this afternoon we will be dropping some off to our friends during our daily exercise. 
For the more experienced baker there is also Yorkshire curd tarts to consider (which includes the creation of pastry, which can strike fear in the hearts of any home cook!). 
Team Riviera have also created some tasty homemade dishes with rice and pasta … from a simple stir fry to a comforting spaghetti dish. Not actually Yorkshire fare yet tasty, nutritious food none-the-less. 
We are looking forward to the day when we can go and buy an ice cream, indulge in freshly cooked fish and chips and order a fresh pot of tea and cake. These times will return … but in the meantime, we are staying at home, becoming very inventive with the foods we are lucky to have and continue to surprise ourselves with our culinary creations. 
Stay home, stay safe everyone. Until next time … 
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