September … some amazing facts you didn’t know about the ninth month of the year! 
The word September includes nine letters and is the ninth month in the Julian and Gregorian calendars. 
It is one of only four months that is 30 days long. September is the start of the academic year in many countries. 
The month heralds the start of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. There are two ‘official’ starts: the astronomical start (1st) and the meteorological start (22nd or 23rd September). 
It’s hard to get our heads around having just ten months in a year … just how would the seasons work out? 
September also has a blue theme with the birthstone being sapphire, and birth flowers being forget-me-not and aster. 
September includes the autumnal equinox, when the daylight and the hours of darkness are of equal length. After the equinox, we’re heading towards the Winter Solstice, or the shortest day. 
September also has also had some important historical events. 
Back in 1666, the Great Fire of London started on 2nd September. 
On September 22nd 1862, President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, ending slavery in some American states. 
September here at the Riviera Guesthouse means several things for us! 
New school or classes for the kids. Who can forget the smell of fresh exercise book, those shiny new shoes and sharp pencils? 
While we are still busy here at the guesthouse, the hustle and bustle of summer is coming to an end. Some famous events take place in Whitby, though, during September including the Whitby 60s Music Festival on the 27th to 29th. 
We love the cooler mornings and watching the leaves gradually change colour. 
The nights are definitely drawing in yet having said this, September can have great weather. 
The powerful heat of summer is waning and the temperatures can be more comfortable. 
The night sky is also amazing … the darker evenings make stargazing fun and there are some easy constellations to spot such as Cygnus the Swan and Aquila the Eagle. You can make a wish during the Perseid meteor shower, usually starting around the 5th, when numerous shooting stars can dazzle astronomers. 
As we’re mentioning the night sky, the two astrological signs of the zodiac that include September are Virgo, the Maiden, 23rd August to 22nd September and Libra, the Scales, 23rd September to 23rd October. 
Famous people born in September include Queen Elizabeth I (7th September 1533); the singer Pink (born 8th September 1979); children’s author Roald Dahl (13th September 1916); crime writer Agatha Christie (15th September 1890) and screen actress Lauran Bacall (16th September 1924). 
The month of September has influenced a number of musical artists including Earth, Wind and Fire, Frank Sinatra and the Bangles. 
Famous books to have September in their title include September by Rosamunde Pilcher, and September Tide by Daphne du Maurier. 
September is also known for great seasonal foods such as apples, pears, blackberries and courgettes. 
So all in all, despite the passing of yet another summer, the month of September has a lot going for it! 
Personally, it’s one of our favourite times of year as it almost feels like a new start … 
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