It’s that time of year when Trip Advisor sends out that email – meaning, the email with hopefully ‘good news’! 
Yes, we’re proud and delighted to announce we’ve been awarded a Certificate of Excellence 2019. 
We’re not the type to needlessly blow our own trumpet although that said, we’ve mentioned it on our Facebook page and our Twitter feed. We also mentioned it in our regular newsletter that goes out to our fabulous guests. 
While this is a very fine feather in our caps, it’s also thanks to all our lovely guests who take the time to write reviews about their stay with us. 
So this certificate is a HUGE ‘thank you’ to you too! 
We are aware only a small percentage achieve this, so we hope we’re on the right track with our guesthouse business … 
And while the iconic Trip Advisor logo was a welcome boost to our mood, we also had another media mention that perhaps we would have missed had it not been for one of our guests giving us a nudge. 
The national paper the Daily Mail featured a piece about Whitby, ‘the seaside town that inspired Dracula’. No surprise here, of course, and in fact the building in which Dracula author Bram Stoker stayed is just around the corner from us. 
What did make us sit up was a mention of … us! 
Yes, we couldn’t believe it either. 
The writer, Harry Mount, says: “There are echoes of Bram Stoker everywhere in Whitby. He stayed in the charming Royal Crescent (at number 6), just around the corner from my comfortable B&B, the Riviera Guesthouse. 
“The Riviera, a tall, classical house, has epic sea views. I watched out of my bedroom window for hours as darkness fell over the waves, which then lulled me to sleep.” 
Hey, there’s even a lovely photo of one of our room, courtesy of photographer Ceri Oakes. 
AND, best of all, there’s a lovely plug at the bottom of the piece for our family-run business. Hurrah! 
We were totally ‘gobsmacked’ and yes, the phone did ring with bookings following its publication. 
It is worth a quick mention that we also want to thank BBC Radio Tees who invited us to speak on their breakfast show in May. 
For those of you who missed it, we were the lead story with our free stays for struggling families. 
It’s always hard to hear your own voice over the airwaves, as it always sounds so different! 
We’re so delighted that we’ve had such positive ‘things’ happen over the past month or two. 
As we know, it is never wise to rest on your laurels and we sincerely hope we don’t do that. 
By the same token, though, we do want to thank everyone that helps our business succeed, whether it is a review on Trip Advisor, a newspaper article or a radio interview. Thank you to everyone for making it possible. 
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