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Will It All End In Tiers? We Hope So ... 

So, from the early hours of 2nd December, Lockdown 2.0 ends and the new Tier System begins. 
The Three Tiers have already caused great confusion and consternation. 
Can I travel? Which Tier am I in? Can I visit another Tier? 
Here we try to unravel the latest guidance from Central Government. 
Please note all this is subject to change. We recommend you check the Government website regularly and for a full list of restrictions and explanations. Also please let us know if you have any queries. 
Tier 1 
Medium Alert - currently only applying to part of the South West of the UK; the Scilly Isles and the Isle of Wight. 
Tier 2 
High Alert - currently North Yorkshire including Whitby is in this Tier. 
Tier 3 
Very High Alert – currently covering Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester and other areas. 
The following applies to ALL TIERS: 
Wearing a face covering. 
Keeping a 2-metre distance where possible. 
Washing hands regularly and thoroughly. 
Tier 1 
Limited areas of the South West, Scilly Isles and Isle of Wight. 
You can socialise indoors and outdoors with up to 6 people.  
Businesses can remain open.  
Hospitality businesses can remain open subject to time restrictions. 
Public events outdoors and indoors can take place with 50% capacity or a maximum of 4,000 people outdoors and 1,000 indoors (whichever is lower).  
Places of worship can remain open. Weddings and funerals can go ahead with strict number restrictions. 
If you are in Tier 1 and travel to another Tier, then you must follow the rules of that Tier. 
Tier 2 
In the North of England, this includes Whitby, the North Yorkshire Coast, and Cumbria, and then a substantial swathe of the country from the Liverpool area, other parts of the North West, the Midlands, parts of the South West and South East. 
The rules are strict, here goes: 
Do not socialise with anyone you don’t live with or who isn’t in your support bubble, indoors or in a public space. 
Do not socialise in a group of more than 6 people outside, including in gardens or public space, the so-called rule of 6. 
Covid-secure businesses such as the Riviera Guesthouse can continue to operate, other than a selection of business which are excluded such as nightclubs. 
Pubs and bars must close unless operating as a restaurant; and hospitality venues can only serve alcohol with a substantial meal. Such places must provide table service only and close between 11pm and 5am (except for some venues such as airports and transport services). Orders must not be taken after 10pm UNLESS it is a drive through, click and collect or business offering a delivery service. 
Early closure required for casinos, cinemas, museums, amusement arcades etc (there is a full list on the Government website). 
Outdoor and indoor events can take place at 50% capacity or 2,000 outdoors or 1,000 indoors (whichever figure is lower). 
Weddings and funerals can go ahead with strict number restrictions. 
Organised indoor and outdoor activity and exercise classes can take place with strict number restriction (see link). 
You can travel to venues etc that are open, but you must reduce the number of journeys you take. 
As we are in Tier 2, this means you can stay overnight in our Tier if you travel from Tier 1 or Tier 2. 
AVOID travel to and overnight stays in Tier 3 areas unless it is for work, educational, medical appointments or for caring duties. 
Tier 3 
This applies to the North East of England, East Yorkshire, Lancashire, East Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and West Yorkshire. 
Restrictions in this area are the most severe due to the high level of infections. 
No social activity indoors our outdoors unless it is with people you live with. 
The rule of 6 applies to a gathering outdoors. 
Bars and pubs must close unless they are a takeaway, click and collect or drive through venue. 
Holiday accommodation must remain closed. 
Indoor entertainment venues must remain closed. 
Some sport facilities can stay open but with strict guidelines. 
Weddings and funerals can go ahead with strict number restrictions. 
You can travel to venues etc that are open, but you must reduce the number of journeys you take. 
AVOID travelling to other parts of the UK, including for overnight stays unless it is for work, educational, medical appointments or for caring duties. 
North Yorkshire Moors Railway at Goathland

Travelling from other part of the UK 

Other parts of the UK 
Are other businesses open in Whitby? 
As far as we know, many businesses will reopen in Whitby from either the 2nd or 3rd of December 2020. 
You are strongly advised to book ahead if you wish to dine out or visit museums or similar. 
We hope these details have been helpful and we'll do our best to keep them updated for you. If you are travelling to stay with us, this link might be helpful: 
Riviera Guesthouse is Covid-19 Secure 
Here at the Riviera Guesthouse, we have worked very hard to keep our guesthouse spotlessly clean and sanitised. You can read all about our Covid-19 rules here and we hope they reassure you that we are working hard to keep you, our family and our staff as safe as possible.  
What happens to my holiday at the Riviera Guesthouse? 
If you have booked a stay with us but cannot travel due to Tier Three Covid-19 restrictions, please get in touch as soon as possible by clicking here. 
If a member of your household shows symptoms and you need to self-isolate, please let us know as soon as possible by clicking here. 
Obviously, like many businesses, and certainly in the hospitality sector, our business has been affected a great deal due to Covid-19 restrictions; however, the safety and the happiness of our guests will always be our top priority and therefore, we have relaxed our cancellation policy even further recently to help our guests where we can. 
Any booking cancelled with over a week's notice then you can get a refund usually free of charge (a small £5 admin charge will be made in certain circumstances). 
If you would like to move your booking to a later date, subject to availability, your holiday will be moved completely free of charge. 
If you are restricted from traveling due to Tier restrictions or are required to self-isolate and cannot give more than a week's notice, then as long as you can show proof that Covid-19 is the reason for being unable to travel (and being unable to give a week's notice) then we will happily move your booking to a later date (subject to availability). 
We understand these guidelines are challenging to say the least. 
However, in our current Tier, we can remain open and of course we have our Covid-Secure status and fastidious cleaning regimen. 
If you have any queries, please get in touch with us. 
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